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Steve Schwartz

Harmony Building Company

Troyer Websites Changed My Businesses Online Life!

Before we were connected with Jonas one of our websites were self made, another was ran by a huge company none of them were getting much traffic. Fast forward to a year later and we receive multiple calls and lead forms every week from our websites!
Jonas and his team are prompt and efficient with my requests to add pictures or change minor details.

Willis Miller

Five Star Family Puppies

Puppy Website

On Jonas Troyer birthday he had a giveaway!! He gave away a $2,000 website!! We were the winners of the website. we started the website up as a puppy website.
We have had great success with selling puppies we have more than doubled our sales and Jonas Troyer has been there every time we need to make changes on our website. Even if it is after hours!!
Thank you Troyer Websites!!

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Marion Miller

Eagle Coaching

Excellent Service & Promptness

The team at Troyer Websites has been a pleasure to work with. The service they provided when I needed a website front page to an event that I was hosting was exceptional. They created the page in a very timely manner, were open to my suggestions and did a great job with any changes that I wanted to have made. I have recommended them to several of my friends, and would recommend them to you as well.

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