Malinda Hostetler

Secretary/Content Creator at Troyer Websites


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Have you ever considered starting your own podcast?I’m sure you have already listened to a podcast once or twice in your lifetime. They sound so effortless, right? The audio sounds crystal clear, …

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If you think about it, logos are everywhere! Even if company names where not integrated into their logo design, 99.9% of people would recognize the brand. Still not convinced about global recognition …


Land Down Under

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Ready for another adventure?Start packing your bags!Don’t forget your passport.You’ll never guess where we’re heading off to this time……..We will be arriving in Western Australia in no time!      …

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Why Blog?

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Why Not Blog? This should be the question being asked instead! Seriously though….Do you even know what blogging can do for you, or your business?Blogging gives people a glimpse of who you …

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Around The Globe

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The career of web design is being practiced all around the globe. Every culture has different plans and ideas. This keeps web design interesting.Having an open mind is essential to a …

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Why Ads?


Want to capture the eyes of people all around the globe? Advertising is one way that this can be achieved. Before we get started, I would like to give you the definition …

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Business 101

Business Owner

Starting your own business can come with all types of emotions and challenges, some good, some bad. The key to success is to keep going no matter what comes your way.If …

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Social Media Marketing

If done right, #socialmediamarketing has the ability to draw in new clients continually. The century in which we currently live in strives off of well-created content. There’s no doubt about …

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