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November 20, 2019

Box Companies VS Small Local Business


When choosing a Web Designer; I have done some research on who would do the best job for me.

When researching I looked at "Box" Web Designers, they didn't "Wow" me. The "Box" Web Designers were a let down. When you try and call them you have to press a number for an automated system. Maybe you will get to speak to a live person and maybe not. But when you call Troyer Websites; you get the "WOW" factor. Jonas Troyer answers the phone. The CEO of the company. How often does that happen? Not very often.

Digit Marketing

Now you are getting excited about Troyer Websites. You have found out that Troyer Websites can get you a custom built business website and build your business/brand online! Now I'm getting you excited to see what all they can do for your business.

thumbs up

I am looking at the different packages that you can get for your money. If you want just a logo, or if you want a website, advertising and marketing, or if you want a blog. Or you can get them all. Troyer Websites will help you choose what is best for you and your business. If you want Jonas to come out and speak with you, he will take the time to come out and meet with you.

Social Media is a wonderful marketing tool. Which Social Media works best for your business? Facebook; Twitter; maybe Google Ads? When building your website you have to think about who do you want to see it?


Social Media

Social Media

Facebook is a really good tool to use; Troyer Websites will make a Facebook page, and also advertise on Facebook; if that is what you want.

Google Ads, when you type in the search engine of Google, and you put in your company name where do you show up? Or do you show up? That's where Troyer Websites comes in. Troyer Websites will build your website, and they know how to boost your website so that you get more views. If you want to run ads on Google they can make that happen also.


Logo's let talk about them. You want a company Logo; Troyer Websites can design you a logo so that you can use that logo; to have T-shirts made, use the logo for advertising. If you sit and think about it your logo says a lot about your company.

Troyers Logo

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews: "Jonas did a great job setting up my website! He was always available to answer any questions I had, very helpful with ideas and took the time to explain how different things work. He seemed as excited as I was to get my website up and running! He was great to work with, and I would definitely recommend him to anyone! "  This is just one of the many reviews that Troyer Websites has gotten. Troyer Websites are "Client Focused and Results Driven".


The history of the company: Back in 2017, highly-skilled internet marketeer and business entrepreneur, Jonas Troyer, founded Troyer Websites. As a means to provide clients with top-notched solutions for their online marketing needs. From the very start, his commitment has always been, "Customer First". Providing high-quality professional websites and marketing service to clients all over the U.S. and even Canada and the U.K.! Quickly outgrowing his small home office. Jonas now has a large office complex in his home town of Orrville, Ohio with multiple employees. Jonas continues to build and grow with his commitment to customer service and professional marketing solutions

The thing that you will like about Troyer Websites; is if you follow them on Facebook, you can always find awesome videos to watch, whether they are funny, or business related. This is a company that goes the extra mile for any and all clients.

extra mile

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Jonas Troyer

Jonas Troyer is the founder and owner of Troyer Websites, a full web-design and SEO company based near Orrville, OH. When he's not working on a website, you'll probably find him in a treestand hunting, in a boat fishing, or wishing he was. Reach out to him if you need help with your website.

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