Dealing with Puppy Scam Reports


If you’re a Puppy Breeder, you may have had your dealings with scam reports. One of the worse things for your business is when you’re given that infamous label every reputable breeder groans at: "Scammer!" How does this happen to innocent people? Is there a way to avoid this?

Your shining reputation may be tarnished when dealing with comments on a breeder’s social media posts, word of mouth and as shown here, when your puppy business name is very similar to a name a scammer is using to carry out their work.

Having SEO done and taking measures to debunk false information directly on your website is key!

Not only does being labeled “scammer” place an attack on the wellbeing of your business, but it goes against the integrity of who you are as an individual. Let’s explore how you can avoid this!

Many people who have experienced puppy breeder scams in the past will be very careful before trusting anyone in that industry and may be quicker to unknowingly give false scam reports. When they see your name come up as a scammer on Google, it will hurt what you’re trying to do because it’s scaring the very people away that keep your business running.
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Many people who have been scammed will be very careful before trusting anyone in the puppy breeder industry.

How does your business name show up as a scam on Google? This happens when some of the same keywords in your business name are used in a scammer’s “business name”.

However, as shown in the video, the two business names weren’t identical, just similar.

The first thing to do if you find yourself listed on a scam report website is to look at the reviews and comments to see what people are saying; what is their main complaint? Find the common denominator and face it head on. As you can see in this video, shipping was a problem so the first thing to do is to create a page or section where shipping info is listed clearly.

Secondly, have someone do SEO work for you. As time goes on and you rank higher on Google, this ensures the first page will contain content linking to YOUR website instead of other websites having similar names or websites that list scam reports of "breeders" that again, have a similar name to yours.

Another thing you can do is change your business name completely. Before jumping to extreme measures like that, it would be better to try the smaller steps first. There's quite a bit more to changing a business name than just coming up with a new name.
Going through all the loops of changing your website, logo, social media platforms and everything in between to match your new name may be a bit more extensive than necessary to fix this problem.

Always make it your goal to build a good reputation. This will take time but the results are so worth it! If you stay consistent and keep quality and honesty as the lead runners in your business, you may be pleasantly surprised at what will come out of it.

Once you’re well established, some of your own customers may become your advocates. They’re the ones defending you! I’ve seen this happen on social media and it's always great to see!

In the video above, Jonas Troyer, Owner and CEO of Troyer Websites, shows us how one of our good customers (a puppy breeder) was ranked on Google as a scammer because of a scammer having a very similar business name to his. Jonas shows us how this happened and what to do to fix it.

We hope this information was helpful for you. Please feel free to reach out to us if we can be of any service to you!

If you are a puppy breeder and are exploring ways to build your business, please give us a call to see how we can assist you!

We're here to help you!


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