How to create & verify a Facebook Page

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Do you need a Facebook business page but just keep pushing it off because you think you  don’t know how to do it right?

It actually isn’t very hard at all, but I understand that if you’ve never done it before it might look kinda confusing to you, so for that reason we show you exactly what you need to do below.

Creating your Facebook business page

The first step to creating a business Facebook page, from your personal Facebook profile click the pages tab on the left side of your posts then click the create new page text.

Then choose which type of page fits you the best.

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Enter your Business Name and choose the category of your business, enter your address and phone number.

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Next you can insert your profile image, preferably an image of yourself or your logo (360 x 360 pixels) and also your cover image (828 x 465 pixels).

Fill out all the information on your page

This is crucial for your This is crucial for your success, make sure your keywords are in the description and anywhere else you can appropriately add them. Add your contact details and your website.

You will find 3 sections in the about us section:


  • Select your category  
  • Claim your unique URL  (Your business name) (use location if you can)

Claiming your username, be sure to make it short and the same as your business name. When directing people to your site you don’t want a large URL. Also, consider your keywords.

If applicable, make sure your business name has a location, especially if you are a local business. Many people search Google for local businesses and services and this will help Google serve up your business in the search results.

Business Info.

  • Business details  
  • Business opening/closing  
  • Mission statement

Additional information  (email – website and other social sites).

Your Story
Make sure that you fill out this section as it will be displayed on the right-hand side of your profile once completed. Be sure to use your keywords here and also add an image.

Verify Your business with Facebook

Verifying your business with Facebook shows that you are a legitimate business. Once verified you will receive a gray tick on your profile. Google has not indicated that having a verified page will increase your rankings, however, it does show that you are authentic. It will help your search results inside of Facebook. Watch the video above to see how it’s done.

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