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How to Sell Your Puppies Online

You are a Dog Breeder

I am thinking that you are a dog breeder, otherwise you wouldn't have clicked on this site.  If you are looking for the best ways to sell puppies online, you have come to the right place.

Dog Breeder

Let's talk about the benefits of selling your puppies on the internet. How often are you going to have puppies to sell? Are you going to have a Kennel and will be selling puppies all the time? Then maybe you want to have your own website. If not there are some web sites that will let you list litters on their sites for a fee.

The Internet


Does anyone really just go out shopping for something? Most people research what they want before they go out an buy it. So how do you research it? On the Internet.

Think about it. The internet has put the world at your fingertips. If you want to buy something, or know something; you can just get out your tablet, or phone out and with a few taps, clicks and swipes. You can find almost anything you can think of out on the internet. So why wouldn't you use the internet to sell something?

Sounds Pretty Easy Right?

In so many ways it can be, but then again there is so much involved.  Some people get overwhelmed.  That's why we are here to help you.

We will try and address some different options, and help you discover which option is right for you.

Time to sell your Puppies


You have new puppies on the way, and all of a sudden you realize you're not sure how you are going to sell these puppies. How are you going to advertise them? You need to figure out how to accomplish this part of the job.

How are you going to let people know who loves Dachshund puppies that you are selling? Most importantly how are you going to get them to your website? This answer isn't the easiest answer. You have your kennel in order, but now you have to learn everything else.

Puppy Sales Platforms

puppy platform

There are a few puppy website where you can list your puppies for a fee per puppy. Here are a few examples:

Pros and Cons of selling puppies online

Pros of Listing your Puppies on a Website

  • Easy to advertise your puppies
  • Lots of traffic
  • Websites are widely known
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Cons of Listing your Puppies on a Website

  • Lots of competition
  • Higher fees
  • Lots of restrictions
  • Your Own Personalized Puppy Website


    This is by far the best way to sell your puppies online. You will be able to have your own page set up, and to be able to post pictures of your puppies, and pictures of the mom's and dad's on your website.

    Here is a Free Book for You

    30 Must Have Features of a Business Website

    Come and Check out the Following Puppy Websites the we have Built

    Pro's of Having your Own Puppy Website

    Pros & Cons
  • Easy to add your own puppies to your website
  • Highly customizable
  • Stand out from you competition
  • Get more money for your puppies
  • More customized audience
  • Cons of Having your Own Puppy Website

  • Takes time to keep all your puppies updated.
  • Some Useful Tips

    helpful tips

    If you choose to go with your own puppy website, do your research and make sure that whoever builds it understands e-commerce websites.

    Puppy Shopping

    Shop around with different Web Design Companies. Make sure that they are transparent in their pricing. A lot of companies will give you a great price, however "Wait there's more" the add on extra fees for doing different things. Hidden fees if you will. Sometimes they will charge extra money for crucial features. And you don't want to be blindsided, with extra fees.

    You want to make sure that your website is both aesthetically pleasing, and user-friendly. Who like to go to a website and it's very hard to navigate?

    When you have chosen someone to do your website, make sure that you have actual control over your own website. I have done some research, and some unethical companies will not allow you to own your own website. 

    Often they will not tell you this when you buy your website, unless you specifically ask. If you find out that you don't like who has done your website, and you feel that it is time to move on to another company,

    You may not be able to transfer their website to another provider because the website designer owns all the right to it. That can be a big problem for you. This is a question you need to ask when you choose your web designer.


    plug in

    Good plugins make your website much easier to manage. With the right plugins, you can require deposits to reserve a puppy and automatically mark puppies as sold when a buyer purchases them. They also make it easy to add new puppies to your website.

    If you would like more information on what makes a good puppy website, you can check out this video.

    Puppy Website

    If you would like more information on what makes a good puppy website, you can check out this video.

    Check out https://troyerwebsites.com for pricing for your puppy website.

    Using Your Website


    Now that you have decided on who is going to design your website, let's talk about how to use it to sell you puppies.

    One of the biggest problems that online businesses face, whether they are selling puppies or pogo sticks, is traffic. If people are not coming to your site, or can't find your site, they are not going to buy your puppies. There is several way to get traffic to your website.

    Running Ads


    Pay-per-click (PPC) ads:  There are two main types of PPC ads: Facebook ads, and Goofle ads.

    Facebook Ads are best for building your brand. Google Ads are best for attracting people who are already looking for your product.

    The nice thing about PPC ads is that they will help you get a lot of traffic quickly. The problem is that once you stop spending money on the ads, the traffic stops immedietely.

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) PPC ads are a short -term strategy, while SEO is long-term.


    SEO focuses on helping your website show up first when someone searches for puppies.

    Both strategies are great, and they can work well together. It is a good idea to do both in the beginning, until you are getting enough organic traffic. Then you can stop PPC ads, and use them only when you need a traffic boost.

    Hopefully this help you understand how to sell your puppies online.

    If you would like a Professionally Build Puppy Website. Here at Troyer Websites has an awesome person who does nothing but e-commerce websites. They know everything about building a puppy website that will wow customers; and give them a great puppy-buying experience.

    Contact Us


    You can always reach out to us at https://troyerwebsites.com/contact  or give us a call at (330) 275-7910

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