October 28, 2020

Puppy Website For Sale (SOLD)

What's included:

We will make any tweaks needed and could have this website ready to sell puppies within 1 day or less after payment. 

Asking Price: $16,997.00 (SOLD) 

Ongoing costs: $497 per year for website hosting/support with Troyer Websites. $20+ per month for Klaviyo. (Goes up as your list gets bigger) Any advertising you might need. 

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Puppy Website For Sale (SOLD)

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Jonas Troyer

Jonas Troyer is the founder and owner of Troyer Websites, a full web-design and SEO company based near Orrville, OH. When he's not working on a website, you'll probably find him in a treestand hunting, in a boat fishing, or wishing he was. Reach out to him if you need help with your website.

Jonas Troyer

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