Highly Recommended!


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When we started working with Troyer Websites to get the new Tuff Possum Gear site, I didn’t really know what to expect. The communication was clear and speedy. Weldon, the builder for our’s, was a pleasure to work with. He was prompt, precise, and really did a fantastic job! The process was smooth. The only change I would make is to figure out a little more ahead of time, any email system and the service accounts that need to be in place, beforehand, but that is partly on us. We have been using the new website for several months now and have seen 2 to 4 times the gross sales as we did previously with Etsy, besides saving an insane amount on fees and such. Updates, tweaks, and customer support are fast and easy as well.

Overall, highly recommended!
You can see the finished site at www.tuffpossumgear.com

Jayberry Miller


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