What does your Desk look like and why?

Whats on your desk
When you come into work in the morning, what does your desk look like?

Is it neat and clean? Does it set the mood for the day? If you come in and have to clean your coffee cup from the day before, and you have to move papers out of your way just to get to your keyboard; you know you are in for a long day!

Your desk is a reflection of you and your work ethics and your personality, plus its where you spend most of your day, so whey not make it comfortable.

Things you should keep on your desk, to keep your desk neat and clean.
Desk planner
  1. 1
    Daily Planner:  If your like me you can't get by without your planner; you planner should motivate you, and keep you organized.
  2. 2
    Greenery:  An no; I don't mean your Mountain Dew bottle.  It has been said that  a plant on your desk can improve indoor air quality, reduce stress and increase productivity.
  3. 3
    Good Quality Headphones: You ask yourself, why can't I just use my earbuds?  Well if you are listening to a webinars you don't want to hear what is going on in the office.
  4. 4
    Upgraded Office Supplies: have personalized stationary, and bright colored post it notes.  It makes you smile when you have fun office supplies.
  5. 5
    A desktop background that sets the scene:  If you have a beach screen, and its cold and rainy outside you can look at your picture and remember the vacation you took over the summer.
  6. 6
    A Funky Mug:  Most people spend the day drinking coffee or tea; so why not have a fun coffee cup!  But just remember not to have an offensive mug.
  7. 7
    Motivation Quotes:  There isn't anything better than a motivational quote for you to look at during the day to keep you going.
  8. 8
    A Fidget Tool:  Believe it or not it will help you work out stress and anxiety, and its better than clicking your pen tat will drive your co-workers crazy.
  9. 9
    Multi Angle Phone Stand:  You can charge your cell phone, and not miss an important text.
  10. 10
    A 5 piece organizer set:  It will completely transform your messy work space.
  11. 11
    A planning pad:  So you can see the entire days agenda at a glance.  It also helps you plan your day, and meet your deadlines.

If you take 5 minutes at the end of the day to clean up your desk, you will always start your day on a happy note.

A clean desk, people perceive you as a well organized person.  When it comes time for a promotion, your superior will look at you for a possible promotion.

Now let's talk about a messy desk.
messy desk

This desk is going to cluttered, maybe even sticky and have left over crumbs from the day before, oh wait here is your dirty coffee mug. Now you have to clean it before you can have your morning coffee. Maybe your boss is looking for something and you have to dig through you desk to find the piece of paper you are looking for.

What Not to Keep on Your Desk:
sticky notes
  1. 1
    A bunch of sticky notes!  Who like to see sticky notes stuck to your monitor?  What happens when you loose an important not, or email address.  Then you could potentially loose a client.  That's why keeping your favorite planner on your desk, gets rid of those sticky notes.
  2. 2
    Suggestive Calendars or Pictures:  its very tacky to have a picture of your spouse in a bathing suite on the beach - leave that picture at home.  Cartoon images can also be offensive!
  3. 3
    An avalanche of dishes and food containers:  Bringing your lunch to work is commendable, but leaving a week's worth of crusted over food containers, and a mug collection in your works space is atrocious, it also shows lack of respect for your co-workers.
  4. 4
    Anything to Elevate your Monitor:  Placing books under your monitor is not a good idea, it looks tacky and the books could slip and your monitor will fall.
  5. 5
    The Biggest NO NO is Political Paraphernalia:  You may be very passionate about the people you want in the office; however that doesn't make for a healthy work environment.  Keeping your political views to yourself, it makes for a better work environment.
  6. 6
    A Pack of Cigarettes:  Some of your colleagues might find the act of taking a cigarette break unprofessional, not to mention how you are going to smell!
  7. 7
    Red Solo Cups:  Big red plastic cups are for beer pong, not the boardroom.  Since they're associated with alcohol, employees will begin to wonder if your drinking at your desk or if the cup was left over from an office party; either way it makes you look sloppy.
So what will you keep on your desk?

Your desk is your space at work where you complete all of your job related tasks.  You should organize your desk in a way that enhances productivity, rather than clutter it with items that hinder it or distract you.

So which desk would you rather work at? A well organized desk, or a messy desk?

I would choose a clean desk, I love starting my day off with a clean desk; it helps keep me focused and keep on track to finish any task that I am given.

clean desks

I feel that when you come into work in the morning and have to clear your clutter it doesn't work very well for you during the day. Because you are always looking for something, and then you realize that the sticky note that you are looking for you threw it away.

Messy Desk
messy desk

You thought it was taken care of; so you threw it out. Well now you just lost a client because you had gotten rid of the very important piece of paper that you needed. Now you have to explain to your supervisor that you threw out the piece of paper that he had given you. This is not a good thing. 

So that's why you have a favorite planner.  Then you could have stuck that sticky note on the next day in your planner; and when you opened it up the next day, there it is. Problem solved.

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