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How to Grow Your Business with Email Marketing.

So you’re thinking about using email marketing to grow your business, but you want to learn more about it first. What is email marketing? Why are so many brands and businesses using this tool in their business these days?

If you have wondered about these things, I’m so glad you came here today! That is exactly what I’ll be covering in this blog post! I hope you’ll find it helpful. Also, be sure to click on the links I’ll be providing to help you better understand the power of Email Marketing!

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is an incredible marketing channel that businesses can use to promote, bring brand awareness of their products and business, and build relationships with people inside their email list. The way to do this is to construct emails that bring meaningful content and useful information to subscribers. This helps to build trust in the business/brand you’re promoting. As this happens (in your business for example), people will begin to take your word for it.

As appropriate, you’ll also want to promote your product in order to generate sales. By providing the proper links and making it easy for recipients to engage, you open the door to great possibilities! When they click on the links provided in your email, they’ll be directed to a page on your website or to a helpful resource you provided for them (perhaps even make a purchase!).

Another way you can use email marketing is to keep past customers engaged. Some customers might love your product so much, they’ll come back to see more of what you have to offer!

There are 3 different types of emails.

  1. Transactional
  2. Relational
  3. Promotional

The Transactional email would fall in the category of order and shipping confirmations, purchase receipts, account creations, return confirmations, etc. These are the fundamental messages needed to communicate important information to the recipients of the email to let them know that you are aware of their activity and are assuring them of it.

The Relational type are the emails such as a new subscriber welcome, lead magnet delivery (we’ll talk more about lead magnets later on), newsletter/blog article, survey/reviews request, webinar confirmations, etc. These are the emails that request something from the recipient or send them useful information. Or perhaps let them in on exciting news!

The Promotional email is obviously just that; you’re promoting something you’re trying to sell or bring awareness to! Whether it’s a new product release, sale announcement, new lead magnets, trial, or upgrade offers, these are the emails you’ve been building up to. Once the people on your email list trust your company, you’ll be way more productive in actually making sales!

Why Are So Many Businesses Using Email Marketing?

The reason so many businesses are using this tool is simply this: Because it works. With so many tools that teach you how to get more opens, create great, eye-catching subject lines, and of course create meaningful content, email marketing has the potential to do amazing things when using the correct techniques!

Even now in 2021, Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to market your business! Why? Unlike social media, with email marketing, you actually “own” your list of subscribers. With social media, there’s a catch. You don’t control the platform. And just because someone subscribed to you or followed you on social media, still does NOT mean you’re reaching them with whatever it is you’re sending their way. This posts a problem (pardon the pun), because what good is great content if it’s not reaching its intended viewers?

Email Marketing is a great option because the message you are sending gets delivered straight to the recipient’s inbox. It has proven itself time and again to be a very effective method of generating sales! Click here to see an example!

With Email Marketing, you get to communicate to people on your list on your own terms. You can know exactly who you’re sending these emails to, who’s opening them, and who’s actually clicking on the content you’re providing in the email, and of course, which recipients converted into customers. (Yay!!!) The way to see this is to watch the analytics provided by the marketing platform you’re using.

White Computer desk 1

Email Marketing is a great option… It has proven itself time and again to be a very effective method of generating sales!

How Do I Build My Email List?

If you’re considering Email Marketing, you’re going to need to have an email list. Obviously, email marketing is no good if no one is receiving the emails. Having a pop-up on your website offering a super-great piece of content for free in exchange for their email is a great way to generate leads! We call these “lead magnets.” (We’ve all had this happen when doing our online shopping, right?) Once they’ve given you their email address, you have permission to email them!

You’ll want to provide useful, relevant content for them that will make them keep coming back for more. This is how you will keep them from unsubscribing. If they are always being bombarded with ads and you trying to sell them things, they’ll be more likely to become tired of it and unsubscribe from receiving your emails.

How Can I Get Started With Email Marketing?

You could do your own email marketing using services like AWeber or Klayvio (for eCommerce). You could also take some online training to help you get started. But as a business owner, you’re likely very busy. Are there options for people who simply can’t find the time to do this?

I’m glad you asked. Troyer Websites offers a great service of creating and sending out your marketing emails for you. With their Certified Email Marketing Specialists doing the work for you, you can focus on running your business and everything that comes with it! Have a look at our website to learn more about our services! Click here.

Examples of Email Marketing Success at Troyer Websites

At Troyer Websites, email marketing has worked tremendously for a puppy breeder we work with. Once an email notification was sent out for them (by Troyer Websites) informing people on a waiting list that a certain breed of puppies was available. Within 6-18 minutes of sending out that email, every puppy had been adopted! You can also see another practical example here!

These are just 2 of many other examples of what email marketing has accomplished! If you are looking to grow your business, let us know how we can help!

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Julia Mast

Julia is a certified Email Marketing Specialist who works for Troyer Websites, a Web Designing Company in Northeast Ohio. She enjoys the outdoors, spending time with her family and playing music on the piano.

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