Hey Did You Know We offer a  DIY website?

If the DIY Website is a fit for you, choose the best option below!

We manage and install the domain name, hosting, WordPress, business emails, for you!

And yes still we consider you the owner. You can leave at anytime. We don't have any contracts!

Plus you get full support from us!

BONUS: 2 Free Tutorial videos on how to use the drag-n-drop editors. 

DIY Website (Annual)

Setup $200

Annual Fee $397

Total today: $597

Save $47 per year

DIY Website (Monthly)

Setup $200

Monthly Fee $37

Total today: $237

Lowest up front cost. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Secure Payment


What if I decide this is not for me? 

If you decide you'd rather have our designers build it out for you, you simply pay the difference between what you paid for this and what our regular packages are, and we'll build it for you. Or if you have it partially finished, we may consider finishing it for you at an hourly rate of $100 per hour. There is no risk whatsoever! 


Is this refundable? 

If you change your mind before we start yes. If we already purchased the domain name for you and installed hosting, no refunds will be given. But we do offer credit in most cases for any unused services that can then be applied to any of our other services. 


What is covered in the annual and/or monthly fee? 

Domain name renewal, website hosting, plugin and theme updates, and support from us (Troyer Websites). We'll help you fix it if anything breaks. Or we'll fix it for you. 


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