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Let's Talk About Social Media Advertising!!!

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SEO or Facebook Ads?

When you need to reach your audience and make some dough FAST, you'll have to run some Ads. SEO is great, but it is a long term strategy and almost always takes time to produce results. Which one is better? Depends on your goals, budget, and marketing strategies. At Troyer Websites we do both!

Let's talk about the Troyer Method!

So by far our favorite platforms to market on are Facebook & Instagram! 
Why, you ask?

Our 3 main reasons;  
  • This is where a large majority of your audience is multiple times per day!
  • You can use Pictures & Videos
  • It's very cost effective compared to other PPC ads
A lot of people won't buy from your website the very first time they land on it. Most likely they were just doing some research...possibly going to make a buying decision in the next week or month or two, but right at this very moment they aren't ready to pull out their credit card just yet!

This is where retargeting ads come in. The most effect Facebook & Instagram ad strategy in 2019 is retargeting those people that showed an interest in what you have to offer.

Just think about it... Let's say Johnny was interested in your product or service and went to Google to do some research to see what all is available in your industry. He stumbles upon your website either by searching or maybe even a friend recommended it to him...

He might have looked at 4 different company's products and gained some insight on what's available.

For the next week... he gets on Facebook and/or Instagram every day. He sees an ad for your product or service (because you're running retargeting ads) but he never saw or heard from the other 3 companies...

Which company do you think he's going to remember once he's ready to buy?

It will be yours because you didn't let him forget about you!

Just remember we want to keep your ads valuable, engaging and NOT annoying!

Johnny will thank-you for it later!

Make Sense?


So how do you set this all up?

office desk

One of the offices where it all happens!

There are 4 main steps to doing this;
  • Setting up an actual Facebook Ad account. 
  • Creating and Installing the Facebook Pixel onto your website.
  • Creating custom audiences that you can then run your ads to later.
  • Setting up and running retargeting ads. 

You can try to do all this yourself, or you can pay someone to run them for you!

Here is what we have to offer!

Starter FB Ads Management

For Ad-spend less than $2500 per month




Pro FB Ads Management

For Ad-spend over $2500 per month