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How we Created $30,045 from 4 Emails in 1 Day

The purpose of this blog post is to show you the power of email marketing. To show you exactly what we did to generate $30,045 in new sales from 4 emails that were sent to a list of less than 500 in 1 day. 

429 on the list to be exact. 

First a quick disclaimer: Results will always vary!

Your product or service pricing, your list size, your copywriting skills and your relationship with your email list will all effect your results. 

I spent probably less than 1 hour writing these 4 emails that morning and scheduled them to go out in our AWeber email marketing system throughout the day. 

The 4 emails we wrote

We decided to do a 1 day only promotion on our annual SEO packages, and offer a 15% off discount for all new plans ordered that day. 

This is something we had never done before and probably will never do again. (Scarcity tactic yes) 

Here is the first email we sent out at 8 am.

Subject line: 1 Day Only SEO Sale

Email Marketing
Back in early March we were maxed out on SEO we could handle, so we hired another person (Aiden) to help the rest of the SEO team (Tim, Nevin, Isaac, Autumn) 

We are in the process of hiring another person within the next few weeks. (interviews starting today) 

So we are ready to take on more SEO work. 

So if you have been thinking about getting work done on your website in order to get more people to find your website on the "googles", now is your chance before we are maxed out again.
So for today ONLY we are running a 15% dis-count on all NEW or ADDITIONAL annual SEO packages. 

If you already have SEO work being done and would like to add-on, you qualify as well. 
To grab this deal, you need to reply to this email or call the office and make sure you mention code: 15SEO

Always be improving,
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Email Footer

Notice how we used more scarcity in this email. "now is your chance before we are maxed out again."

Scarcity works but only as long as its true and not fake. Since we sell our SEO packages in hourly increments and employees only work so many hours per month, it is true and worked. 

And everyone knows it's not easy to find and train new employees right now.  

Email #2 was sent at 11:35 am

Timing goal: Hit everyone in our time zone right as they got off for lunch. 

Subject line: This is the BEST Traffic for your website...

Email Marketing
If someone is ready to buy your product or service, where do they go?  

Google, Bing, Duck Duck Go... and other search engines.  

Not Facebook, not Instagram, rarely YouTube.  

They go to these social sites to do research,

Mostly to browse around though..
But when they are ready to buy, or hire your services, they usually "google" you..
Or your product or service...

So where do you want to be?  

On the front page of Google
Without an ad preferably...
And on the top 5 positions on the front page..
Because 76% of the clicks happen there.  

That seems to be everyone's long term goal IF they want business online. (Some don't)  

So now....

It's time for my pitch If you want to save 15% on our SEO
That's what we do to make your website show up on the Googles for the right keywords in the right locations.  

Reply to this email or call the office at 330-275-7910 to get 15% OFF all our annual SEO plans..
Always be improving, 
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PS: If you want to see proof of how this works, go to the SEO pricing page on our website and watch the video where I compare 2 website's SEO results side-by-side.
Email Footer

Notice that this email is written in the short paragraph, conversation type. 

And there is no link until you get to the PS section at the end. Looks less salesy that way. 

The 3rd Email was sent at 3 pm

Subject line: Did you see the proof? It's in the pudding (video)

Email Marketing
First of all, we don't sell something if it doesn't work majority of the time.  

I think you should know that by now.  

But some people just need to see the proof in order to see the value of something.
I get that...
So here is a video where I compare 2 different website's SEO results side-by-side.  

The bigger website is on 2 of our Enterprise SEO packages ($1800 per month) and the smaller one is on our Basic SEO package ($3200 per year).  

Both have similar time frame of SEO work on them.
That's it for now...
Always be improving,
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PS: Our office closes at 4:30 PM EST and you can not place an order over the phone after that to get in on our 15% SEO annual package dis-count. Call before 4:30 EST
Email Footer

The link to the video mentioned in this email is right on the pricing page of our SEO packages. 

The plan was to answer their pricing questions and have them pre-sold by the time they called us. 

Email #4 was sent at 8 pm

Subject line: Last call.. on SEO

Email Marketing
I'm assuming by now you either aren't interested in more SEO for your website (which is okay) or you were just too  busy today to make the call..
If the later is true...
You can still order on our website..
Or you can text me (330-275-7910) or message me on the FB.  

Either way this is your final reminder about this 15% dis-count on SEO annual packages.  

(We've never done this before and probably won't again for a long time if ever)
Always be improving, 
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Email Footer

Notice how we told them in this email that it's okay if they aren't interested. 

No pressure.

But still assuming they were interested and were just too busy to make the call. 

This last email actually produced 2 additional sales through our website. 

Final Sales Results

So our Basic SEO plan is normally $3,200 for a year and with the 15% discount it was $2,720. We had 6 new sales of this package. 

Our Growth SEO package is normally $6,500 and with the 15% discount it was $5,525. We had 1 sale of this package that day. 

Our Enterprise SEO package is normally $9,700 for the year and with the discount it was $8,245. We had 1 sale of this package that day and gave the guy another $45 discount if he does a wire transfer instead of a credit card. So he paid $8,200. 

Total sales: 

$2,720 x6 = $16,320
Total = $30,045

Building an Email Marketing Strategy 

If you have an item that is priced over $1,000 we usually recommend your call to action in your emails to be to get people to respond to the email or get on the phone. 

Anytime you try to get high ticket sales thru your website, you always have to worry about daily credit card limits, card failures, and other distractions. 

Don't Over-Promote!

Treat your email list like you would your best customer. 

Most of your emails should be educational, informational or helpful in some way. 

If you promote your offers all the time, people will ignore your emails or unsubscribe. 

Build up a value account. Think of it like a bank account. The more value you put into it, the more you can withdraw when the time is right. 

Use Video Marketing

Anytime you use videos in your marketing, whether in your value posts or your product promotions, your sales will increase. 

Use as many as you can. As long as you keep them valuable or helpful. 

Consider starting a YouTube channel if you haven't yet. 

Hire an Expert

Yes we do email marketing for our clients. Yes they get results. 

No we don't take just anyone or any industry. Some shouldn't do email marketing. 

If you think email marketing could help your business, give us a call or shoot us an email on our contact page.  

If you think this was a great day for us, it's time you think bigger. Yes it was a good day, but it's only a small percentage of our company's overall monthly sales. 

Feel free to share...

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